NISAN Inc - Vision - Mission
NISAN Inc - Vision - Mission
Vision - Mission
Our Vision

Nisan Inc. is recognized by our customers and sales partners as the premier manufacturers representative in Turkey. We are characterized by our committment to our customers in both government and the private sector and through our focused representation in the fields of Analytical Instrumentation, Test and Measurement Systems, and Process Control Equipment, as well as related computer and data processing systems and services. Nisan Inc. enjoys an impeccable reputation thoughout Turkey as well as the International Market.

Our Mission and Objective

Our mission is to provide a combination of the best technologies along with the best consulting, contracting and project management and system integration services in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our operational goal is to deliver solutions which are fully compliant with customer requirements and expectations to increase the value of the companies we serve and that of our National Economy.

We are a major driving force in our industry in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East, and are considered a leader in the areas of Analytical Instrumentation, Test and Measurement Systems, Process control Equipment and releated computer and data processing systems because of our ability to drive down costs and save time without sacrificing performance or quality.

Our Basic Values

We embrace a strong work ethic which also demands a strong business ethic based on open and legitimate competition, honesty, reliability, quality, responsibility, and innovation.

We are market oriented and deliver solutions which are fully compliant with all customer requirements and expectations.

We operate on the basic principal of mutual trust and confidence in our customers, an important consideration in today's competitive business environment.

We believe that time is money, information is power, and our goal is to provide an increase in these areas for all parties.

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