NISAN Inc - Turn-Key Laboratory Projects and Contract Management
NISAN Inc - Turn-Key Laboratory Projects and Contract Management
Turn-Key Laboratory Projects and Contract Management

As one of the leading provider for analytical test, measurement and process control systems, and computing systems for electronics instrumentation and laboratory automation NiSAN Co. Inc. provides superior products and services to government or private industrial customers.

  1. Technical counseling for design qualifications
  2. Preliminary works for feasibility and to draw up technical reports
  3. Financing management of project resources
    1. Environment, Electric & Electronic, Food, Agriculture, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Space
    2. Instrumentation »
      • Analytical Test and Measurement Systems: Chromatographic, Spectroscopic, Thermal Analysis Equipments and Scientific Vacuum Systems.
      • Laboratory Equipment: Diluting, Dispensing, Dissolving, Distilling, Draining, Drying, Extracting, Filtering, Freezing, Heating, Homogenizing, Melting, Mixing, Pressing Rotating, Sampling, Separating, Stirring Vortexing, Weighing and the others
      • Pilot and Lab Scaled Equipment: Boilers, Compressors, Conditioners, Coolers, Counters, Dosing and Metering Systems, Dryers, Filtration Systems, Grinders, Mixers, Pipes, Pressured Vessels, Process Machines, Pumps, Reactors, Tanks, Transmission Lines, Valfs and the others
      • Detection Devices for Measureable Physical Variables: Acceleration, acoustics, air velocity, altitude, angle, angular displacement, angular momentum, angular velocity, area, brightness, conductivity, current, density, dewpoint, difference, dimension, displacement, drag, electrical charge, electrical current, electrical field, electrical resistance, electrical voltage, electromagnetism, enery/work, entropy, flow, flux, force, frequency, gravity, hardness, humidity, inductive, lenght, level, light, linearity, magnetic field, magnetic flow rate, magnetic flow, magnetic voltage, mass, moles, momentum, noise, optics, oxidation reaction potential (ORP), period, pH, photoconductive, photovoltaic, pieozoelectric, power, pressure, quantity, radiation, ratio, reverse osmosis, rotation, shifting, shock, sound intensity, strain,temperature, tensile, thermoelectricty, time, torque, total dissolved solids (TDS), turbidity, velocity, vibration, viscosity, volume, wavelenght, weight and the others.
      • Monitoring Devices: AC output, DC output, frequency output, analog output, digital output, servo output, synchro output, swicthed output, ultrasonic, vibrational output and the others,
      • Laboratory Facilities: online sampling systems, optical measurement and test systems, calibration apparatus, automation systems and the others.
      • Environmental Waste Treatment Systems: Water analysis equipment, waste water & sludge treatment systems, pollution control and monitor systems, air quality and pollution measurement systems, safety equipment for personal protection, radiation measuring systems, emmission control and monitor systems.
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