NISAN Inc - The Company Profile
NISAN Inc - The Company Profile
The Company Profile

Founded in 1997 in Ankara, Turkey as an Electronic Instrumentation Trade and Service Corporation, NiSAN Inc. is Turkey's leading provider for Analytical Test, Measurement and Process Control Systems, and Computing Systems for Electronics Instrumentation and Laboratory Automation. NiSAN Inc. is the company of choice for clients looking for a maximum return on their investment in government or private industrial research and development laboratory facilities. Headquartered in Ankara, NiSAN Inc. serves all of Turkey and can offer support services for equipment and system installation, calibration, and repair throughout Europe and the Middle East.

NiSAN Inc. is a well recognized global outsourcing company with the organizational skills and ability to help customers achieve superior solutions to their analytical instrumentation needs. We offer a broad range of specialized instruments and software to meet the varying needs of our customers, and provide the industry with a complete solution source for all analytical instrumentation requirements.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products, systems and services, and with our focus as an outsourcing resource we are uniquely positioned to provide and support innovative and agile business oriented solutions.

Our unified global electronics instrumentation outsourcing business enables us to deliver the best products as well application development and maintenance services. Our systems and solutions combine the leading technical solutions from reliable providers and are carefully tailored to our clients business needs, requirements and budgets.


Since 1997 NiSAN Inc. has expanded from our initial focus in electronics instrumentation to include the test measurement and process control systems and their related technical instrumentation. NiSAN Inc. can provide service for equipment requiring repair or maintenance regardless of manufacturer brand or extent of repair required. We can also provide any supply of spare parts or consumable items required by customer contract.


NiSAN Inc. provides a complete ful service electronics intrumentation repair facility for technical support including instrumentation repair and calibration services, combined with a certified and well traing professional customer service and support staff. We provide repair and maintenance services free of charge for all products under warranty. For products out of warranty we will work with the customer to form a technical service agreement suited to the customer's needs.


NiSAN Inc. provides consulting services for technology solutions, technology contracting, systems integration, project management as well as research and methods development services. We also provide logistics support to ensure inventories are supplied with required stock levels of replacement parts and consumables.

Our specific client and project experience includes projects in aeronautics, avionics, meteorology, defense communications, biotechnology, electronics instrumentation and laboratory equipment.

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